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About Us

Launched in 2021, Luna Rossa Botanicals skincare was founded in Melbourne, Australia by young female entrepreneur,
Amanda Davis.

Like many before her, Amanda struggled with debilitating acne throughout her teenage years and into her twenties. Genetics were at play, Amanda’s Mother also suffered from teen and adult acne, therefore it was almost inevitable.

Amanda’s fascination with skincare started in her teens when she began searching for a solution to help clear her skin. Hundreds of hours of reading and research over many years led her to a web of skin concerns and correlations between them all. 

She soon realized she was not alone in her quest to achieve clear, healthy skin. Women and men of all ages were fighting their own skincare battles. This sparked a fire inside of Amanda. She made it her mission to formally educate herself in skincare and skin science, ensuring she was fully equipped to make a difference.

Amanda’s obsession with studying a myriad of skincare ingredients; the good, the bad and the controversial, paid off, it led her to discover the power of antioxidants. What happened next was literally life changing.

Once she banished the bad ingredients and introduced more antioxidants, her skin started to clear and it continued to improve. This was the beginning of Amanda’s journey in creating the Luna Rossa Botanicals skincare range. It is her passion and her legacy.

Our Mission

Amanda is not alone in her mission to support Australian women (and men) to preserve healthy, natural skin. She has an INCREDIBLE team of formulators, mentors and creatives that have helped her create the brand and its potent formulas.

To further emphasize her commitment to the brand, Amanda opened a beautiful flagship retail store in Melbourne, this where all the magic happens. 

Welcome to #lunaskin! 

Preserve to Prevent the skin you are in.